AERFLEET expands its’ service offering

Aerfleet would like to announce that on top of our EASA approval we now carry full certification from the CAA Guernsey (2-REG)  This allows us to not only offer CAMO solutions on the DK-OY register but also aircraft currently or looking to register on the 2-REG.

Aerfleet offers all levels of CAMO and technical support services to the Aviation industry. Working closely with Lessors we look to make the process of lease transitions, aircraft storage and maintenance check management as simple and painless as possible whilst ensuring that projects remain within realistic budgets.

Today’s announcement will help add even more possibilities for our customers when it comes to transitioning aircraft. 2-REG has built its reputation by being extremely responsive and customer-focused, offering its worldwide coverage coupled with competitive fees, making it the most successful registry within the aircraft leasing sector (businesswire May 7th-2019).

“Aerfleet looks forward  to continuing to support our customers with the seamless transactions they are used to whilst also expanding on our service offering”.  David MacKay – CEO

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