Aerfleet officially launched and offering CAMO services

100 years ago in aviation Donald Douglas founded the Douglas Company, the world speed record for flight was set at 197.8 mph (318.32 km/hr), the first regular air service in Australia was launched and the record for consecutive aircraft loops by a woman was set at 199. Now 100 years later, we launch Aerfleet, the newly approved EASA CAMO and technical services company.  

With our highly experienced and international team the focus is on quality, safety and service innovation, we believe there is plenty of scope to improve on what is currently available in the market.

David Mackay

They say “nothing is ever so bad that it’s not good for something”, in this case that something is Aerfleet. During my 15 years in aviation (roughly 83 dog years), I have seen many ups and downs, avian influenza (bird flu) in Southeast Asia, the 2008 global financial crisis followed by swine flu in North America, then the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in mid-2010 that basically closed European airspace. Bird flu again in 2013 followed by Ebola, MERS and Zika. Nothing prepared me for 2020, Covid-19, the worldwide Pandemic that has basically stopped Aviation (and many other industries) for the last year. Through this I have seen a real requirement for CAMOs to lift their games, I believe that an active CAMO should be a partner and not just a data cruncher, to be more involved in the management and transition process of aircraft moving from operator to operator or going in to long or short term storage. Aerfleet offers the solution, a fully certified EASA Part-CAMO organisation ensuring fully integrated management of aircraft records and data.