The Journey Begins


Some say it’s an addiction, others an affliction, I started my pre-flight “crawl”-around in 2005 upon joining Cimber Air Maintenance Center in production planning. What followed was 16 years crawling then walking then running, an education in Aircraft maintenance, maintenance planning, forecasting, reserves, legislation, and leasing. I thought it was a quick 5k, but it ended up a marathon.

Although not leaving aviation it is time for a new start. After a great deal of background work and close cooperation with the Danish CAA it gives me great pleasure to introduce Aerfleet ApS to the world.

It’s time for “TAKE-OFF”

I have put together a great team of highly capable and motivated specialists ready to make a difference for our valued clients. As founder of Aerfleet I am proud to be able to offer CAMO and technical services on a range of aircraft types both regional and Narrowbody. And I am also proud to be able to write “we” and “us”, and not just I, as we all know, there’s no I in team 😊

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Aerfleet – Your seamless CAMO solution

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