Why work with AerFleet?

At Aerfleet we want to make a difference to your day, we understand and accept that we work in an industry where quality, safety and diligence need to go hand in hand with speed, agility and delivery.

“we realise we are only ever as good as our last project, therefore we strive to ensure the successful execution of each and every project with the same attention and eye for detail”

Aerfleet CEO – David MacKay

Aerfleet has built up a team of ex – Airline, MRO, CAMO, Business CAMO and even national CAA personnel. we are in a unique position to see and understand the requirements from all perspectives and although not mind readers, by asking the right questions we believe that we can deliver a service that goes beyond customer expectations.

The days of a CAMO populating an excel sheet with LDND info and managing airworthiness from there are numbered although possible. Modern CAMO software provides so much more performance for both the CAMO and the owner/operator with increased security, visibility and control. Aerfleet has teamed up with Bourne Systems to use their CAMO software Airbourne FTM to ensure all assets are under total control, always.